Vision System Adapted to a Process

Vision System Adapted to a Process

In continuous processes, product defects occur intermittently, these defects can be a bad vacuum seal, lack of a label, an incorrect expiration impression, missing such as a screw or part, absence of a seal or impression , some color label, some silkscreen, wrong or inverted parts, wrongly placed parts, etc. It is in these cases where the use of a vision system adapted to the process is recommended.

Processes to capture faults

These systems are recommended when you cannot stop the process but if you have to catch the fault. In addition to segregating it so that it does not reach the end customer, for the implementation of these systems we will normally use smart cameras, a tunnel to control the environment when necessary, pneumatic or electrical to reject product with a defect.

Sistemas eficientes para líneas de producción

These systems make the line more efficient, segregate defects and allow to know in real time if there are repeating defects, thus allowing to stop the production line and avoid continuing to manufacture defects, the end result is money savings, statistical control of defects, allows to generate reports at the instant for engineering meetings.

Systems to improve the productivity of production lines

These systems do not require the intervention of an operator, technician or engineer, they work by themselves once they have been installed and improve the productivity and efficiency of the production line.