Mexican Test Opening

mexican test opening

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Mexican test Opening

Presentation of the new facilities to our clients, we made a presentation of our products and services with our suppliers

Mexican Test Services Corporation inaugurates its new facilities located on the road to Las Cañadas number 900 # 6H, on February 7, 2020 this great feat was experienced that filled us with many feelings to the guests and hosts; This event was attended by clients, suppliers and close friends, who enjoyed exhibitions of the products and a new view of the company.

As the hours passed in the event, the engineer Alejandro Urenda and the lawyer Irene silva cut the opening ribbon that gave way to a new stage of the company, immediately the hosts gave a speech to their guests thanking their presence and saying that it was very welcome your presence in the place; When the moment arrived, a mariachi group was present who was entertaining all night making a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Throughout the night the Mexican Test employees were exhibiting some of the equipment and demonstrating all the potential they have and can provide, thus generating the best services and products; They asked to be heard in order to encourage their superiors that they can continue with the same growth rate and making it clear that they had all the support and support from them.

As the end of the event approached, some of the suppliers asked the attention of the guests to give a few words of support and encouragement to the founders of the company, making it known that they would be with them hand in hand and giving everything they can provide. thus establishing a commitment to the brand.

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