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Industry 4.0
What is industry 4.0?

You hear more and more talk about Industry 4.0, but do we understand what it really is? Throughout this note we will show what it is and how to implement it in your company.

Before starting to say how to implement this in your company, let’s talk about the origin of Industry 4.0; This movement arises in Germany, creating the impression of a fourth industrial revolution, the digital age and of technologies. This is carried out with the help of interconnectivity. This new industry offers improvements to manufacturing, food, textile, etc. industries.

But what is industry 4.0?

This industry focuses on facilitating all processes and making them more efficient, thanks to its real-time access to all the processes that take place in the areas, in order to avoid errors in processes and improvements in production; So this helps us to connect the tangible with the intangible, that is, the physical with the digital, generating collaboration with all departments to find out what is happening on the production floor.

This new era has arrived in Mexico and has begun to help business owners with various aspects, such as: production, quality, processes. In addition to knowing how your company is operating.

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