Digital Network for Process

Digital Network for Process

It consists of using a series of devices that are placed along the entire production line at key points where a failure can be monitored by means of sensors and / or digital or analog devices, these devices will be connected through the intelligent technology of IO Link, these industrial communication networks offer, process monitoring, immediate fault diagnosis, generation of production reports including statistics for the quality atheist.

IO Link

IO Link is a bi-directional point-to-point communication protocol, the IO Link devices are of two types, masters and slaves, the master is in charge of making the translation between IO Link and the data bus, the slave is a device, digital, analog or IO Link in charge of connecting to the rest of the devices in the production line to obtain information from them.

Control of industrial networks by means of a PLC

The control of the entire industrial network system is done by means of a PLC or a computer which requires a program developed according to the needs of each production line.

Some of the advantages that this type of network offers are:

  • Reduction of wiring in the line
  • Real time monitoring
  • Immediate diagnostics
  • Device flexibility