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Automated Machine for Industrial Process

Automated Machine for Industrial Process

Mexican Test Services can manufacture machines to assemble any part, to weld, screw, cut or preform parts, these machines are developed where speed and precision are required. The conditions do not allow a person to touch the parts to be assembled, they are normally composed of several areas of engineering such as mechanics, design, pneumatics, electrical and electronics.

Manufacture of machines on design by Mexican test services

The manufacture of these machines is based on unique and personalized designs to the needs of each client and each process to be carried out, in these machines the computer or PLC will have a program that will be developed for that specific machine and each program will have the appropriate levels operation and debugging through user development.

The scope of each machine is established by the customer and MTS

The scope of each machine is established by the client and MTS based on the specifications provided by the client and under common agreement.

Each MTS development will have the ability to store and classify data in files so that the information is traceable to the customer and reports of machine operation, units produced, units that failed, etc. can be generated.

Machine delivery:

A software document will be delivered to each machine with the diagram, mechanical, operating manual, electrical diagram, list of consumable parts, etc.