automated hardware & programing

Automated Hardware and Programming

It is about the automation of production processes through the implementation of electrical, electronic, pneumatic devices, etc. to supply functions that are normally done manually. This in order to save handling times and avoid human error. For this purpose we can even invent mechanisms or machines that perform a specific function such as vacuum verifiers in some packaging, level, pressure, position verifiers, etc.

Automation with digital networks

All this automation can also be combined with digital networks in such a way that in addition to automating the process the client can access through the program that we deliver to the information of units per hour, defects per hour, type of defect, in what time it happened the defect, production at the end of the day, efficiency of the line, as well as specific information that may be requested in the report.

Smart Turrets

Smart turrets can also be implemented in these mechanisms to notify you of the current status of the production line at critical points of the line that the client requests and / or send statistical information to screens in such a way that it is visual to all staff, this obviously in real time.